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Empower Network is our #1 recommended legitimate work from home opportunity. In just 3 easy steps, you will be able to join one of the best legitimate work from home online affiliate Marketing  programs, get your very own blogging website  and receive easy step-by-step instructions to promote your website with free and low-cost online advertising to earn a steady legitimate work at home  residual income from home. No experience necessary and you can get started today.

legitimate work from home

Customer comments…

“The Empower Network is the simplest, auto-pilot legitimate work from home money making affiliate Marketing system I’ve seen!” – Marty Foley

“The Empower Network IS a proven way to produce online cashflow in the easiest way possible — with absolutely ZERO experience necessary!” – Bryan Winters

“If you’re looking for an easy legitimate work from home job, 100% auto-pilot way to make money on the Internet, you should get in on this cash-generating monster!” – Mike Glaspie

“This is the easiest and quickest way that I can think of for the average online affiliate Marketing entrepreneur to build  income.” – Willie Crawford

“The Empower Network IS Duplicatable, IS Easy to follow (even for normal people & beginners), IS Easy on the pocket book AND BEST OF ALL IT WORKS!!!” – Mike Filsaime

legitimate work from home

Empower Network also known as the best Legitimate Work from Home jobs opportunity for people online to start a online home based business that has been made by David wood and David Sharpe ,also know as  “Dave and Dave.” You may have already been told about this legitimate work at home opportunity, and are thinking about joining, but being an intelligent individual you opted to check it out some first. Well, if it’s a review you’re looking for, you have come to the right place at the right time!

But if you haven’t heard anything about the Empower Network yet then your about to learn, it’s a very popular legitimate work at home online business opportunity that uses a blogging plate form combined into a single system. It is essentially an excellent team builder for making a legitimate work from home residual  income from home online.

How it works is very simple you have your own legitimate work from home site which is a blog, so you can add any affiliate Marketing products, or just post anything you want and get sign ups so you have the ability to make money online. And you’ll receive a lot of great support and some of the best legitimate work from home training to help you in any way you need.

They offer a package that will be hard to beat for someone looking to start up a successful legitimate work at home business of their own on the internet. But before we go any further, let’s make something really clear:

Empower Network Site is an legitimate work from home opportunity for someone to start their own legitimate work from home business, and like any legitimate business it will require effort on your part if you really intend to be successful and earn some good money online.

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Here is a few of the legitimate work from home benefits you get when you join Empower Network, and why people are joining Empower Network so fast and making it so popular.

You get every thing you need to run a successful legitimate work from home affiliate Marketing business on auto pilot with Empower Network . From a blog made for you that has its very own built in sales funnel with a auto-responer full of pre-written letters and a step by step program telling everything you need to do.

You can read all the sales letter as much as you want to, but you probably won’t seriously consider it till you hear it from somebody who has already been there and done it.

Empower Network is a Ideal legitimate work from home opportunity for newbies with absolutely no experience in doing any internet marketing.

After you join Empower Network you will get a Blog website that is designed and completely set up for you. You’re able to customize the site the way you like.

Newbies receive complete step by step training to help them be able to promote and work their new  legitimate work from home business. Newbies are also introduced to the various aspects, as well as some of the components to run their business, you will learn how to do internet marketing the right way.

The  blogging system included with Empower Network Site  can be use to post on to get you prospects to join Empower Network.
Members also have their very own message board in one of the best marketing Facebook groups, which is devoted solely to Empower Network, where they’re able to share and discuss various tips and tricks, or ask for any needed help.

Empower Network serves as a terrific foundation for people just starting out with an  legitimate  online home business and for when they’re ready to expand into additional internet marketing opportunities.
When you join Empower Network there’s no reason for researching a product to promote and sell, as the niche has already been set for you with Empower Network, and it’s all given to you.

The potential for a people to create an acceptable amount of legitimate work from home residual income is probably the most important thing to consider. Some of the members love making some pocket money from Empower Network, but there are others who are managing to make their living totally online with Empower Network.

Empower Network system is really made to help everyday people be successful, and so others are able to duplicate that same thing for their own legitimate work at home success.

And if you’re the type of person who Takes ACTION in life and you want to partner up with my team and join Empower Network a legitimate work from home opportunity to make the kind of money you know you’re worth, be sure to join Empower Network test drive by clicking here or on the “Empower Network” logo below, give me a call, or shoot me an email and I’ll be sure to answer any serious questions you may have about this legitimate work at home opportunity…

legitimate work from home

Learn How The Empower Network Comp Plan Works

Compensation Plan Details
  • Join Empower Network Break even with one referral. You get the $25 / $100 back instantly with your first person.
  • Instant pay! All members pay each other directly.  No going through the company.
  • Compounding income via the pass-up compensation plan.
  • 100% pure net pay with an incredible “done-for-you” marketing systems and blogging platform.
  • Residual income by getting paid $25 / $100 every 30 days from all members on your payline.

Did you catch that last bullet point?  legitimate work from home Residual income.  That’s the key.  No more do you have to work and work and work and each month just to start all over again.  How do you think that company’s  like Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T and all the other companies that make a fortune do it?  They bill you every month… That’s legitimate work at home residual income.  You build it once and keep adding to it.

Empower Network Comp Plan Membership Levels:

5 Optional Levels:

  • Empower Network Basic – $25 Monthly
  • Empower Network ‘Inner Circle’ – $100 Monthly (optional upgrade)
  • Empower Network ‘Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – $500 (1 time optional upgrade)
  • Empower Network 15k formula – $1000 (1 time optional upgrade)
  • Master Mind Retreat – $3000 (1 time optional upgrade)

We are seeing that out of 100 people that join at the $25 level, 50% will upgrade to the $100 level, and 25% will upgrade to the $500 level. We’ll only discuss the $25 and the $100 levels in the examples below because we will only be discussing residual income rather than 1 time payments.

When you start bringing people in this legitimate work at home opportunity you are able to receive pass-ups from people you have recruited. And let’s say you get at least 6 people to join.

Let’s take a look at it in simpler terms and ONLY look at the basic $25 level.  I am not going to add in the monthly residual to keep it as easy as possible.

The Power of 6

Let’s say that everyone that join  only gets 6 people their first week and duplicates…

Week 1
You get your 6, you pass 3 of them upline.
You keep 3. So 3 X $25 =  $75

Week 2
Your 3 get their 6.
Of course 3 each are passed up to you for a total of 9.
So 9 X $25 =  $225
*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week

Week 3
Your 9 get their 6.
Of course 3 each are passed up to you for a total of 18.
So 18 X $25 =  $450
*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week

Week 4
Your 18 get their 6.
Of course 3 each are passed up to you for a total of 54.
So 54 X $25 =  $1,350
*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week

Week 5
Your 54 get their 6.
Of course 3 each are passed up to you for a total of 162.
So 162 X $25 =  $4,050
*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week

Week 6
Your 162 get their 6.
Of course 3 each are passed up to you for a total of 486.
So 486 X $25 =  $12,150
*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week

Let’s skip to week 10…

Week 10
Your 13,125 get their 6.
Of course 3 each are passed up to you for a total of 39,375.

So, 39,375 X $25 =  $984,375

*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week
Add in the monthly recurring billing and in 10 weeks you have…

$984,375.00A Monthly Residual Income That Is Staggering!

Not bad for a $25  legitimate work from home program, right? The income potential is staggering! Obviously, this is a perfect world scenario and incomes will vary with the time and effort of every member that join Empower Network. But, what if you did even 10% of that?

What About the Up-sell Into The “Empower Network ‘Inner Circle’?

If you were to take into account the 50% upgrade into the $100 level. That’s another 19,687 members paying you an additional $100 for a total of $2,953,075.00EVERY MONTH.

The above sample is if everyone brought in 6 people their first week and no more.  What if you sponsored more than 6 people?  Many people bring in dozens, even hundreds of people.

Imagine getting 20 members a month. Taking into account pass-ups, that’s 16 members at the $25 level amounting to $400 and taking into account the up-sell percentages, 8 members at the $100 level amounting to $800 for a total of $1,200 your first month.

Doing the same, you get 20 members the second month as well.  That’s $1,200 right?  WRONG! That’s $2,400 this month.  Don’t forget about the first month.  Then build some more.  Get 20 more during the third month.  That’s $1,200, right?  Ah Ha!  I can’t trick you.  Now you are getting it.  It’s $3,600!

Flat out … It could change your life!

And don’t forget, we didn’t even take into consideration the 1 time $500 payments that 25% of people who join, will upgrade to. You can add another $4,895,500 to the above number (1 time payments).

Your legitimate work from home Income Potential Is Limitless When You Join Empower Network. Flat out – the compensation plan is powerful! Where else are you going to find 100% commissions with the most cutting edge training from the industries top income earners and producers coupled legitimate work at home opportunity with a “Done-for-you” marketing system and platform?

Case Closed. ;)

It’s the power of 100% NET that is paid member to member.


I think you get the point.  With effort, you are talking an easy 5 figure monthly recurring legitimate work from home income in no time with Empower Network.

Empower Network has a VERY HIGH retention rate too.  Here’s why…

If you can get just 1 person in Empower Network, your legitimate work from home affiliate Marketing system is paid for. And If your members have at least one active person in their group, they break even… so, why would they leave?  The members are locked in.  If someone is at the point of breaking even, and more than likely in positive cash flow, chances are very high that they will stay on board and pay you at least $25.

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Great legitimate work from home Opportunity. This legitimate work from home Opportunity will Help You to Succeed!



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